​​​The Family Farm on Avent Ferry

1719 Avent Ferry Road

Holly Springs, NC 27540​​


Picking out your Christmas Tree is a special time.  The Family Farm on Avent Ferry wants to make this experience a special memory for your family.  Take your holiday pictures on Santa's sleigh and enjoy the warmth of our nightly bonfire.

We sell only the best quality Fraser Firs, grown here in North Carolina, offering a variety of sizes to fit every home.  Also available for purchase: handmade wreaths, swags, garlands, tree stands, and more.

Your tree purchasing experience doesn't end with just selecting your tree.  We shake your tree for loose needles, offer netting and, of course, we will help secure the tree to your car for a safe and easy trip home after visiting the farm. 



​Are you open when it’s raining?
We are open rain or shine every day during our seasonal hours of operation. However, depending on the nature of the weather event, we reserve the right to modify our hours. Please visit our Facebook or Instagram page in the event of inclement weather.

Are we allowed to feed or pet your animals?
We do allow, so long as an employee of The Family Farm is accompanying you and providing assistance. Please do not interact or touch any of the animals without supervision by an employee. We have cows, donkeys, horses, chickens and farm cats at The Family Farm. Please show kindness and respect to all of our animals.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Apple Pay.

Are dogs allowed on the farm?
Yes, we are dog friendly! We ask that all dogs remain on a leash and that you pick up behind your dog.

Can I take pictures?
We love for our customers to take pictures when making memories at the farm. We ask that requests for professional photographers be made in advance.

How are your trees priced?
Prices vary depending on the height and fullness of the tree.

I want a BIGGER Tree!
​Many customers request much larger trees than we keep on the lot. We may try to accommodate larger tree size requests with advanced notice. You should contact us prior to the open of tree season.

Do you deliver trees?
Yes, we can deliver locally!

What should I bring to the farm when I come to choose my tree?
You can bring a tarp or blanket to place on the top of your vehicle in the event you are tying your tree on top of your car for the drive home. It is also recommended that you check the height of your ceilings to make sure you're not selecting a tree that is too tall for your home. We provide twine for securing your tree to the vehicle however you may bring your own tie downs if you like.

Can I “tag” a tree and then pick it up at a later date?
Yes, it is possible to purchase your tree in advance and arrange pick-up at a later date/time.

Are your Christmas trees treated for aphids?
Yes, our trees are NC Certified Aphid Free. In addition, we use a tree shaker a minimum of two times on every tree before leaving the farm.

Do you have rope to tie the tree on the vehicle?
We have complimentary twine and will happily secure it to your vehicle.

How long will my tree last after I bring it home?

It is best to put your tree in water as soon as you get home, add tree preservative and consistently give your Christmas tree enough water to never dry out. Once a tree dries from lack of water, the tree base can quickly seal itself with sap, preventing it from drinking again.

Can I purchase fresh custom-made garland for my home?
Garland is available in the wreath workshop at pre-determined lengths. If you would like to order garland at specific lengths for your home decor we can custom make garland in virtually any size just call or order it in person.

Can I purchase fresh custom-made wreaths for my home?

We stock wreaths of various sizes. If you would like to order a custom wreath, please visit the wreath workshop for a selection of different shapes and sizes. We also offer seasonal bows to complement your wreath.

Do you provide a fresh cut to the base of the tree?
Yes, we will provide a fresh cut to the base of your tree and provide the necessary and/or desired trimming to meet your needs.


The Fraser fir was named for John Fraser, a Scottish botanist who explored the southern Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina in the late 1700s. It is a pyramid-shaped tree that reaches a maximum height of 80 feet and a trunk diameter of 1-1/2 feet.

The Fraser fir grows naturally only in the southern Appalachians, above 3,000 feet. The cool temperatures and lots of rainfall of the North Carolina High Country are what causes the Fraser fir to keep its needles throughout the Christmas season.

Over 50 million Fraser firs are grown in North Carolina on 25,000 acres for use as Christmas trees, and the Fraser fir represents over 90% of all the trees grown in North Carolina as Christmas trees. Christmas trees haven’t always been a Christmas tradition. No one really knows who put up the first Christmas tree, but some historians believe that even the Egyptians and Romans used some form of an evergreen to decorate their homes in late December.